Evolution of Our Products

As Aadhaar entered the authentication phase in early 2012, iris technology companies were challenged to develop a cost effective iris device to be deployed alongside the option of fingerprint authentication. To capitalise on this opportunity, Biometronic was set up.

Iris Scanner

IriTech, Inc. developed the IriShield series of devices – an ultra-compact, auto-capture camera module, complete with onboard iris recognition and a PKI-based security infrastructure that ensures complete data security. It is a stand-alone system that can be used on any host device.

We decided to manufacture this product in India due to the security protocols needed for the Aadhaar project and to comply with the Government of India’s regulations. Keeping manufacturing in India also has the added benefit of creating jobs and stimulating the local economy, one of the goals of Biometronic.

Through Biometronic as its golden supplier, the IriShield series was the first iris device to receive Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) in 2014. A stringent certification, this programme was put forth by the government to ensure the quality of the certified devices.

With its low cost, the IriShield™ series will lower the entry barrier to deploying iris biometric solutions in a wide variety of applications.

Mobile-integrated Iris Scanner

The next stage in evolution of the iris scanner was to integrate it into a smartphone to maximise usability and function. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers who only offer iris technology in high-end flagship phones, Biometronic integrated the iris scanner into a low-cost smartphone to lower barriers of entry to adopting this device.

The InFocus mobile provides unparalleled convenience with easy functionality in one package, doing away with the need to purchase a separate host device. It provides a fast, effective, secure and cost-effective method of bringing iris authentication to any part of India. Together with the option of using the finger print scanner plug-in device, False Rejection Rates (FRR) and False Acceptance Rates (FAR) can be reduced to almost nil for a truly inclusive authentication process.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint continues to be used as a complementary form of biometric authentication to iris for the Aadhaar programme. As such, Biometronic ensures that the same quality and care that go into our iris devices are also applied to the development and manufacturing of our fingerprint scanner.

Its portable size and rugged build makes it ideal for deployment to the furthest reaches of India. With excellent image quality and a secure encryption of image data, it easily connects to the latest iteration of our iris devices, the InFocus Mobile, to provide users with the best of both worlds: fingerprint as well as iris authentication.

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