False Rejection Ratio (FRR) is a value by which a biometric device’s performance is measured on falsely rejecting a user against his enrolled data. Along with False Acceptance Ratio (FAR) the Detection Error Trade-Off (DET) Curves are plotted to give an overall performance of a biometric system.

Report of CGD Policy Paper 020 – May 2013

For UIDAI’s Aadhaar program, a rigorous test was conducted by STQC Directorate under Ministry of Information Technology to determine the FRR for each product submitted for certification under the specification set by UIDAI in order to be a part of the Aadhaar eco-system.

UIDAI and STQC in conjunction with C-DAC conducted a live testing with 5,500 residents to determine the performance of every device submitted for certification. With a strict cut-off limit of less than 1% rejection (50 residents) by any vendor’s device, Biometronic Technology Pvt. Ltd. in conjunction with IriTech, Inc., submitted 3 products

The products had an outstanding and exceptional results:

This result equates that an average of 1 resident of 5,500 residents was not able to get authenticated. This test and conclusion makes iris technology far more inclusive for a program such as Aadhaar.