Biometronic’s Story

The ethos of Biometronic closely follows its name. We aspire to fully meet our customers’ needs, using a combination of biometric technology with electronic components.

Biometronic = Biometric + Electronic

Biometronic was established to meet the needs of the Aadhaar programme. When fingerprints ran into logistics issues during the authentication phase of Aadhaar, we identified iris authentication as the answer to the problems and set up Biometronic to provide the solution to inclusivity in India.

We knew we couldn’t just use existing iris technology because they were not suitable for the Indian market. Cost is the first barrier to entry, as existing technology is expensive and only widely available in high end smartphones. Secondly, the security protocols did not match the goals of Aadhaar. To roll this out across India, the technology cannot lock-in the biometric data in the device as is the current global practice.

Biometronic has the solution. As an Indian partner company, we license renowned iris technology together with partners who own this patented technology and strong IP. We are uniquely positioned to marry iris technology with the needs of Aadhaar to create the solution to the programme’s authentication problem.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Today, Biometronic has the capability to support different OEM partners in various industries, from mobile to health care to education to military and even law enforcement. We operate our own clean room assembly facility in Bangalore which supports our manufacturing arm that builds our current products.

Already in partnership with FIH Mobiles (Foxconn), we have plans to expand our manufacturing and marketing organisation as the push comes to divert the demand from India’s rapidly growing middle class from expensive imported electronics to desirable locally manufactured electronics.

As India’s economy shifts focus from agriculture to electronics, Biometronic will ramp up production to include CMOS camera modules, USB cables, headphones, Li-on battery, precision plastic, precision metal parts, connectors, printed circuit boards and LCD displays.

Towards the Future

We are adopting systems based on ISO 9001:2008 as part of our commitment to fully meeting our customers’ needs. With a motto of “Quality, Commitment and Performance”, we will continue to leverage the ever-growing demand for improved quality, productivity and efficiency.

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